How to Create an Account

How to join People's Stories:

You sign up using your email address here: http://peoples-stories.com/register.php

Fill in the info we need: username, email and password and we will send you an email to check your address containing a link you will need to click on to confirm your account.

Once you have confirmed -  you just log in with your email and password and you can upload, comment, discuss and interact with the website and community.

How to Add a Story

Step 1 - Create an account on the website.


Step 2 - Sign in to the account you have just set up.


Step 3 - Mouse over the 'My Story' section.


Step 4 - In the drop down menu that appears, go down to where it says 'Add Story'.


Step 5 - This will then give you a choice on whether your story will be told through 'words', 'picture' or 'film'.


Step 6 - Choose which way you would like to share your story from these three choices.


Step 7 - This will then either allow you to 'add media' or 'add words', depending on what you chose.


Step 8 - At this stage, add your story in the form you chose, whilst also adding tags in order to make the story (and picture etc) easier to find.  For example, if the story is about football, then you would add that as one of the tags.


Step 9 - Finally, you can confirm whether or not to share your completed story.