I have never set foot in Liverpool, still Liverpool is important to me. Liverpool is the city the Beatles left in their 1964 film A Hard Day's Night, which I saw several times in theatres here in New York City in the 1960s. Liverpool is the setting of many songs of the 1960s Folk Song Revival, such as The Leaving of Liverpool Farewell to Prince's Landing Stage, River Mersey, fare thee well I am bound for California A place I know right well Chorus Farewell to lower Frederick Street Ensign Terrace and Park Lane For I think it will be a long, long time Before I see you again Chorus: Oh the sun is on the harbour, love And I wish I could remain ... and Liverpool Lou Oh Liverpool Lou, lovely Liverpool Lou Why don't you behave, love, like the other girls do? On a personal note, Liverpool is the city my father's grandparents and their children embarked from in 1880 when they left the Patricroft area of Manchester to live in America. My parents visited Liverpool and Manchester in the 1970s with my father's cousin, Maisie Griffin Doucette, and her husband, Eddie Doucette. My father, Frank Griffin, told me he liked Liverpool. He liked the ships and the buildings and he said the people were very friendly. My father may also have been in Liverpool now and then during World War II. He never would speak of the war beyond praising his shipmates on the USS Peoria. His ship had been assigned to help patrol the waters between Greenland and the UK.



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