We lived in Bond Street, off Vauxhall Road and I went to Eldon Street School. We were in senior school when 'The Cavern' became popular. So every day at lunchtime we legged it down to the 16 bus stop and caught the bus to 'The Trighton Pub' in Paradise Street.

When we got off we’d dash over to Mathew Street for the lunchtime session. Live groups would play daily at 'The Cavern'. You paid one shilling or one and six to get in; it was your dinner money you’d spend of course. There’d be a massive queue, but you got admitted really quickly. The atmosphere was electric, but in reality it was a dark, dank cellar with dirty water running down the walls.

When you think about it, it broke every health hazard in the book, but it was magic. I saw groups like 'The Hollies', 'The Mojos', 'Wayne Fontana' and 'The Mindbenders', 'The Swinging Blue Jeans', 'Freddie Starr' and 'The Midniters', 'Les Dennis and the Dennisons' and 'Freddie and the Dreamers'.

Everyone would wear black polo necked sweaters, which we’d have rolled up in our bags. Loads of us had 'Beatle' caps as well. Everyone would dance the legs off themselves until 1:15pm; then it was like the parting of the Red Sea as kids would pour out of the club, dash back to Paradise Street and board the 16 bus again. Alight outside Tate and Lyles and run back in school dead on 1:30pm. I think the teacher thought we all suffered with asthma, but we were only trying to catch our breath. It was worth it, it was fantastic!

Marie Townsend




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