Time Warp   Liverpool 1871 to 2010
Time warp 139 years.
The Top Photo. 1871. St Geoges Dock.
Before The Overhead Railway and The Liver Buildins were built before the destruction of the Landing Stage 1874 by Fire. And before the Overhead Railway was erected.
This is a scan of the original photograph I own.
It was a presentation to a member of the Holt Shipping Line.
That is the building behind the ship.
St Nicholas Church on the left which was nearly completely
destroyed by fire. known as (Patron Saint of Sailors)
The bottom Photo was taken Sunday November 21st 2010

Quote:-Maritime Mercantile City..
The Floating Roadway was built between Princes Dock and George's Dock to provide shallow-grade access to the Liverpool landing stage and appears to have utilised the south side of George's Dock Basin. It is constructed in granite after the manner of Jesse Hartley. The Floating Roadway was fixed at the east end at ground level and attached at the west end to the landing stage, which rose and fell with the tide.
The retaining walls on the north and south sides were later extended out to provide new river walls, and after World War II were partly rebuilt in brick with early concrete lamp columns, and a memorial was added to the south side of the south wall to commemorate the American Transport operations during the war. More recently the cut has been shortened at its east end to accommo-date a pumping station but the wall plinth and the two piers were retained.



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