The Chants
The Chants were a Doo Wop group from Liverpool. They formed in 1962 and were originally called The Shades. The group was formed by Joe Ankah, Eddie Ankah, Nat Smeda, Alan Harding and Eddie Amoo.

The Beatles were big fans of the group and even provided backing for them in The Cavern. Brian Epstein was even their manager for a short period, although that link did not last. The Chants are one of the many groups that led to the 'Merseybeat' sound and prove that Liverpool and its music history are far deeper than just the likes of The Beatles.

Despite having a great sound and being extremely talented, The Chants never managed to make it as big as they should have. Much of this seems to have fallen down to their managers and companies that simply did not know how to market their sound at the time.

The group ended up disbanding in 1975. Eddie Amoo went on to be the most successful when he formed The Real Thing with his brother Chris. Their best known hit is perhaps 'You To Me Are Everything'. This is such a good song and deserved all the success it achieved.



By Thomas Thomas

This story was added on 22nd February 2011

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