Bill Maynard aka Selwyn Froggitt 1977
Bill Maynard as Selwyn Froggitt. 1977..
In 1992 he returned to Yorkshire Television and began playing the lovable old rogue Claude Jeremiah Greengrass in the popular and long-running television series Heartbeat, remaining in the show until 2001, and its spin-off series The Royal until 2003. Maynard became very popular for his portrayal of the money-making old farmer, and the role of Greengrass probably made him beloved by the whole of Britain. In Europe, Maynard is still very popular for his portrayal in "Heartbeat". and "The Gaffer".With Bill Maynard / Billy Dean / Morte Allan...Yorkshire T.V. UK............ Bill is still alive and enjoying watching the old tv shows like .. Heartbeat.... since he had a Stoke while filming on it then rertired



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