Two up two down house 1960s
Liverpool...another place another time. As the years go hurdling by, a little like the small horse in this photo. I find myself reflecting more and more about my youth. I was born 10 years after the end of world war 2. As a young girl growing up in Liverpool during the swinging 60s was so very different than life for the youth of today.

The country as a whole seemed to be getting better. There was more work around, the factories couldn't get enough people to fill the places. More and more cars began to appear on the streets. Although it would another decade or more before the roads became even remotely busy. Supermarkets began to appear in different areas. I can recall the first Tesco coming to Smithdown Road. They didn't seem to be a huge threat to the still local smaller shops up and down Earl Road and Smithdown road. That would come at a much later time. (to be continued)



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