I thought I would take a walk down my old street. Well, sad to say its no longer there. But I did take a look on Google Maps. The old Earl Road I knew is still recognisable. The terrace houses at the top of Earl Road are as they were when I was growing up there in the 60s.

The church on the corner of our street is still there. I could even see the name of my old street on the map. The name and the church and the same terrace houses on Earl Road took me back to my youth. I was standing on the pavement outside our house. I was talking with the kids from the street. We talked about lots of things, We even told ghost stories.

I was also stood outside my aunties shop. The shop was on the corner of earl road and Lightwood street. It was a great shop. I can remember auntie Dot slicing the ham or pork of corn beef. You could get sweets drinks, you could even buy bags of coal, they were only small bags not like the coal man brought to your door. It was nice to walk around the streets of my youth.



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