Since I started to write my story about my first memory of Leyfield 'I discovered how I came to be there.
The story starts in a terraced house in Domingo Vale Anfield. My Mother Norah was Ill she left the house with me aged two years and walked to Belmont Road Hospital . This was 1945 She was admitted with me by her side .she died the following day .I was sent to Olive mount a home for orphan children . This was the point at which I entered the ! care system ! I do not recognise the word care in the sense that it means love or affection From there I was sent to the Nuns at Leyfied .And so began my Life .David was six month born as he snuggled up to the warmth of his mothers breast and found the teat that would feed him for the short time he had with his mother over the next few months.
David although so small and vulnerable could sense the short burst of his mother heaving chest as she sought to control the emotions of loss and betrayal that was hurting her .He was too young to know that she had been betrayed by a man who she had married nine months earlier ,only to find that he was already wed to another, David lost his feeder as his Mother lurched in great sobs of uncontrolled emotion and found himself on the bed that was the only piece of furniture in the room.David wailed in frustration at the sudden loss of the comforts and warmth and joined in to the the sound of loss that pervaded the small
Room that was his home .This room was one of six in Liverpool slum house near to Anfield Football club .
It housed six families each family sharing a Small kitchen and toilet would be his home for the next eighteen months .There where other people in the room the voice of a young child a adult male voice ,the sound of comforting words and angry voices also ,this confusion of sound was upsetting to David and his crying only increased .Nora collected her baby son from the bed In a effort to subdue his crying.



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