Children of the war 1st EP
During wartime in England, Liverpool was one of the most heavily targeted cities, affecting thousands of lives many of which, were children's. These experiences have stayed with them thorough their entire life, and they are now one of the only sources of anecdotal insight into life during a very worrying time. With this in mind, we intend to document these stories in a collection of short personal accounts of what children from Liverpool were subjected to at the time. These include stories of evacuation, rationing and wartime hardship. The accounts of what happened during the time will preserve their memories, giving others the opportunity to discover truths that would of otherwise been forgotten. ¨The videos will be recorded on various locations throughout Liverpool and will be complimented with images and relevant archive footage from the era.

This particular story is Frederick Eccleston's, his parents chose to keep Fred in Liverpool during the war, whilst a lot opted for evacuation. His father was a guard on the over head railway and volunteered for the war. This is a 4 minute preview to the 20 minute interview which we held with Fred. We wish to accumulate many stories for this collection.

If you have an interesting story to tell about this troubled period in Liverpool history, please do get in touch, we would Love to hear your stories.