I met a miners son who told me that when his Father died he had the awful task have sorting out his Fathers possessions.
As he went thru an old chest of his Fathers he came across a carnation flower that was pressed between the pages of a seemed odd to the son that his Father would keep such a thing...after all his Father was as hard as nails and the flower seemed an odd thing to find amongst his Fathers possessions.

Later that evening he asked his Mother why his Father would keep a flower amongst his things and a tear appeared in his Mothers eyes and she explianed the reason behind her husband keeping the pressed carnation.

She explianed that during the miners strike of 1984 her husband had been one of the strikers...she told her son about the hardships suffered by the men and how the strike had split families up..friend agianst against brother..father against son...she stated that the pit his Father worked in held out on strike as long as they could...but near starvation and the threat of losing there homes finaly forced the men back to work...she told her son that his Father was in no way a political...he just wanted to save his pit from closure and secure a future for his family...just like the majority of the strikers did.

The son asked what the pressed flower had to do with the strike and his Mother explained that the the wives of the striking miners had decided to stand at the gates of the mines and present each striking miner with a carnation flower to show that there wives and families considered them hero,s and to show there husbands and sons that they understood that they had no other chioce but to return to work...

The Mother told the son that his Father had kept that pressed carnation since the day she presented the flower to him at the gate of collery.

I thought it was a lovely story when i heard it and decided to write a song about it..its called The Last Piece Of Coal....give it a listen.its in the film section of this site..all the best Tony Flanagan



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