I go back to the early time and after the war in  the late forties early fifties when I lived in this area staying with grandma. I played hide and seek with my cousins in a half built cathedral with the girls from Kings Garden and Rathbone Street.

My cousin Tom lived in King’s Garden and he was tall but not as tall as nitty Nora, she towered over him. The street is called Washington Street which went down to gt. George Street and up to St. James road. At the top of Washington Street was a derelict bit of land the council called a garden. The next street as you look at the cathedral to the right is Sand Street but we name it Sandy street after our cousin Sandy and Hans. They both had sandy hair, blond to you and me. Their Mam's lived in King’s Gardens for a time and moved out to live with great Nan in Aigbuth near Burdett St School. Grandma lived at the back of the nook pub Nelson St. Its nickname was the conductor’s pub. Most of the lads from St Ed’s went to it when they lived in the hostel on the corner of Great George St. and Upper Parliament St. and were clippies, and a few years later it was called the pantomime hostel because the lads put on a free show for the orphans and anyone who sneaked in.

Back to the area, the next street after Sand St. is Burnt Cake Street because it was Alfred St. Then back Nile Street. Fran’s joke was the are always in de-nile when the police asked questions. My brother Willie, or should I say, Tramp wants to be mentioned - he said he told the police first that they were in de-nile. Then Nile St. from Great George St. to St. James Road, and last of all was Back Parli Street. At the bottom of Back Parli Street was the hostel. Most know what it is called but I don't know whether it is still there. To the back of the cathedral is St. James cemetery. When Fran got older and Tim's brother George looked for his grave he searched the cemetery for his friend's grave. His friend was called Tim. but that’s an other story. this is between me and a company who is reading this.



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