Jeremy Clarksons Big Ends Knocking

I think we should pardon
Poor Jeremy Clarkson
The mans at a funny old age
It's getting quite clear
That his brain slips a gear
Every time he has something to say
Anybody can see
He's one failed M.O.T
And the brakes on his mouth have gone south
His moaning and jeering
Is just faulty steering
He's all over the place with his mouth
His hair is like wire
Like one baldy tyre
As It skids to a halt thru his comb
A core plugs the part
He should stick up his rrrrr,s
And leave us poor northeners alone
So let's forgive and forget
What Jeremy said 
You know it's all part of the game
When he's one fading star
Like a rusty old car
He,ll be scrapped and never heard of again



By tony flanagan tony flanagan

This story was added on 23rd February 2015

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