Robert Noonan wrote the book THE RAGGED TROUSERED PHILANTHROPISTS under the name of Robert Tressell...he died in the Royal Infirmary Hospital in Liverpool in Feb 1911…he was buried in an unmarked paupers grave in walton cemetery...his daughter Kathleen never new where her father was buried...the book he wrote was bought from his daughter for twenty five pounds and has since sold millions around the world...his grave was discovered in 1970 and a thousand people marched to his grave and paid tribute...they paid for a grave stone and included the names of the other paupers that where also buried in the same plot...I wrote this song as a tribute not only to him but to his daughter Kathleen and all those wonderful people that marched up to his grave in 1970 and took the trouble to pay for the headstone and also made sure that the other so called paupers in plot T11 where also named on the memorial head stone...all the best to you all tony flanagan



By tony flanagan tony flanagan

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