Come to the party, it's gonna be great
The city of culture 2008
For 800 years this city has thrived
Brought joy to the world, taught my Nan to jive.

We've opened our gates to welcome you in
And offered our hearts like you're next of kin.
We've dressed up our buildings In pied coats so smart
And hung up our posters on Galleries of Art.

St. George with his lions Looks dapper and spruce
The scene of much media that's over-produced.
The world in one city, promoters proclaim
The ultimate venue with the world-famous name.

We're proud of our history, so chequered and long
Our musical heritage is always on song.
In sport we have strength with the Red and the Blue
We're chasing the championship that's long-overdue.

Our people are friendly, the best there can be
We'll welcome you warmly and ask you to tea
It's coming on Easter the time of the Passion
But in 2008, Religion seems quite out of fashion
If Christ were a scouser then what would he say
To people whose fast -lives leave them no time to pray?
In churches half-empty faith is not de-rigeour
Perhaps he needs to retrain as an entrepreneur;
And apply for a grant to promote a subculture
From the 2008 European capital city of culture.

Down at the Pier Head the illuminated clock
Keeps time 'neath the giant birds As they watch the new dock
For huge ocean liners, the likes n'er before seen
With names prefixed with M.S. or even with Queen.
Bringing people in thousands from all around the world
Who've come for the party with streamers unfurled.
In times past the clock-face was used as a table
By the men who installed it with pulley and cable
For one blessed moment men ate off- of time
Before age took its toll and captured their prime
But their legacy remains shining down from above
Where they pulled and they pushed it in a real tug-of love.

You see the spirit of scousers is instilled at our birth
We've no airs or no graces, we're just down to earth
And our spirit it lingers in bricks and in mortar
There's angels in architecture built upon water .

Indeed, we're considered to be the 'Pool of Life'
By Jung, amongst others ,well....and maybe his wife.
So this 2008, the eyes of the nation
Are fixed upon Liverpool with great expectation
To act as a beacon where culture abounds
And shake off the spectre of past battle-grounds
Where belief and where colour were locked into hate
But where hope finally won and we learnt to relate
With each and with every man, woman and child
And the hate and the difference became reconciled.

So in the spirit of friendship we're throwing a party
To last the year long with highlights so arty
Our city is rising with regeneration
And we're sharing our joy with a mass invitation
So come along swiftly, please don't be miss- outers
Enjoy the warm hospitality that typifies scousers.

© Joseph Roberts 2007 (M.S.Writers Kensington).
Song written for the Four Corners Film Project
And sung at the film premiere at the Everyman theatre Liverpool May 2008.




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