I was Born Linda Gibson at 53 August road Liverpool October 1946 , To wonderful parents George and Edith Gibson ,I have two older brothers George and Brian Gibson Later as I was growing up I discovered I had two brothers that died as babies Derek who was born in 20th January 1937 but died 5th may 1937and Barry who was born 19th December 1947 but died 1st February1948 I found this information with the help of my Sister in law Liz. I now have their birth certificate and death certificates. It seems so sad but I cannot comprehend how this would have affected my mum all those years ago.
Edith my mum was a wonderful mother she worked hard all her short life when she first met my dad I believe she was in domestic service. My dad was a van driver, I will never know how they met but I do know they married on the 26th October 1935.
My Dad was in the second world war i was born the year after he came back I found out he was in Burma and that he was a Chindit they were under they were called the Windgate raiders they used to blow up airfields and every time the Japs built a bridge or get the people in there concentration camp to build more of the railway my dad and the group he was in would blow it up ,I found all this information from My uncle .
Our George came along in 1936 he would have been the apple of there eye named after my dad George Edward. Brian David came along 1st march 1940 the story goes he was born on the 29th February just before midnight and mum asked the midwife to change it to 1st as it was a leap year and he would only be able to have a birthday every 4 year. My Dad joined the army do not know the year as I have not got his service record. And as I said I was born a girl after four pregnancies that would have been a celebration I can relate to that as my husband and I have three sons but decided not to try again for another because of my health. Growing up at 53 August rd was wonderful we all knew we were loved and cared for and we had a very happy family and a large family with all the Aunts and uncles and cousins, The Roberts, The Spears, The Murray's.\,�™ The Lynskys, The Glazes and The Gibson,s. Our Grandparents and the Lynsky family lived over the road in 28 August rd most of the time we had Sunday tea there, or should I say I did with my Grandma and Granddad and cousins and Aunt Lilly and uncle John? I can remember the table was layered with all sorts of cakes, sandwiches, jelly and custard fruit, it was wonderful I can still see it in my mind after all this time.

The only thing that spoil t our whole family was my parents and my cousin Joyce and I went on Holiday to wales ,we had been to Carnarvon Castle for the day just as we were getting closer to were we were staying we stopped to post cards mum had written relaxing in the sun see you when we get back
mum told me to get off the Motor bike and back into the side car so I sat in the front were mum had been sitting holding onto the heather purple and white we had picked
i had asked and wanted to have a turn on the back with dad I loved it ,
Further down the road I don't know how long as i was only 10.and Joyce was 8 or 9
we had a a awful accident in which my both parents died instantly Joyce and I landed on railway line both in shock you see it was a railway bridge and the impact we flew over the top of the bridge they said at the hearing , but that was in 1957 as I miss them very much I am sure my parents George and Edie Gibson are glad we both survived to tell the story .
My brother Brian still lives in Liverpool and George in Cheshire when back in 2008 to Liverpool for the fist time in 40 years it was like being home sometimes it was wonderful being with my older brother George and my Sister in law who is a wonderful friend ,sister, and Mum all rolled into one I love you very much for all you did for us both It was like I had never left only we were older .
My brother Brian,s Son David and his wife Sandy along with his daughter Sue gave us a welcome home party a surprise party in the Cabbage hall Pub they hired a room it was so great seeing friends and family from the past and New , Sue and Husband Frank were wonderful as well nothing was to much trouble for them they let us use there car we felt like one of the family i did not see much of Brian the odd day here and there we did go out one day to South port with him and His other daughter Francesca who is so sweet ,
I spent some time with my Friends Maureen and John they are the salt of the earth
only wish we had spent more time with them than we did Maureen and I started school together in infants along with Jean Kibby .
we also met some Keith's family sisters Sue and Pauline and Brother Ian and there families.
Half of me wants to be back in Liverpool with my family but our life and family is here
I feel cut in two because we have our own children and Grandchildren here
we married and came to Live in Australia in 1970 have 3 sons and wonderful Grand children all ages from 2 to 16 .
and my husband rides Motor bikes always has and always will.
Love you both Mum and Dad R I P



By Linda Gibbo Linda Gibbo

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