My wonderful city with its wonderful friendly people - no place like it.

Humour, cheerfulness, a good turn you get them all here.

I grew up during the war in Liverpool. My mum wouldn't let us be evacuated. So if we got bombed, we would all be together. My Dad was in Burma.

My mum had 3 small girls to raise and what a good job she did! She took us to see all the Docks on the Overhead railway we saw all the big ships as they docked. We often went to Seaforth Sands and Crosby Beach

Our playground was the bombed houses in our street and the street was great. All the mums would be on their doorsteps having a brew and keeping an eye on us. We would play top and whip, hopscotch run, sheep run, 2 balls against a wall, run messages for neighbours and scrub the steps for a penny on Saturday morning, so we could go to the pictures and watch 'Flash Gordon'.

What a time in the 50's... I was a teenager when I worked in Littlewoods Pool Edge Lane. I earned good money there, which nearly all went on clothes after I paid my mam keep.

The next big event was the Queens Coronation. Our street like many others made flowers for months to decorate the street for the Big Party. It was at this Party I started to go out with my husband as he had just come home from the Army. We got married 10 months later. In our street we where surrounded by family: my husband's mum and dad, his grandmother lived up the street, an aunt and uncle lived next door, another aunt and uncle lived opposite, my mum and dad lived there and my grandmother lived next door to us as well.

My aunt and uncle also lived next door so you couldn't do anything wrong, even if you wanted to, you where constantly under surveillance. I remember the fifties with pride. We had good manners, were happy to be alive, full of fun, good neighbours, good families... - good city.
(from the Of Time and the City website community)

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