The rag and bone man 1960s
I had a walk down earl road and the memories came flooding back. The bin man the coal man the rag and bone man. All these characters were real people, with the rag and bone man being a particular favourite of mine. With his cry for any old rags echoing down our old cobbled street and through the frequently open front doors. I would turn to my mother in the hope she would have some old clothes or other items that I could take out to the rag and bone man. With each bundle of clothing or a group of items, usually metal scrap items, you would be rewarded with a penny whistle or a bag of sweets.

After collecting his unwanted items from the kids on the street, he would trundle away to the next street with the hope of more items to add to his cart. I use to wonder how he ever managed to push his old wooden cart when it was laden with so much stuff. I did add some photos to this story but unfortunately they have not downloaded. This has happened 3 times now. Can anyone please tell me why this might be. Thanks



By long ago far away long ago far away

This story was added on 5th June 2019

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