Peoples march 1980s
I am jumping forward a few years to the 1980s. I came across this photograph I took of the peoples march. If my memory is correct, I believe this photo was taken close to the old Liverpool airport? I was stood some distance away for this shot, but you can see the aircraft hangers off to the left. I think the march was in it's infancy because there wasn't that many marching that day. Perhaps the numbers grew as they progressed to the capital.

We didn't have such things as social media in those days. No twitter, Facebook or You tube.We read about the march in the papers or caught up with what was happening on the 6 o'clock evening news. And you know what, we got by didn't we guys. I have all the trappings of modern way of communicating, mobile phones, twitter account FB, I am even on You Tube. And it's great, but life was very different when I was a nipper. I am digressing, will save that for another post.



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