The first time I ever heard of John Lennon, was at a lunch time session at the Cavern sometime in the autumn of 1961. I was working as a messenger at Tinlings the printers on Victoria Street, awaiting my printers apprenticeship exam results to come through, one of my workmates suggested going down to the Cavern. Being a kid from the burb's (Huyton) I had only heard vague rumours of this exotic place from my elder brothers who used to go there to listen to the Merseysippi Jazz Band, or the Swinging Blue Jean's (Yes, they started off playing a rocky version of Trad Jazz). Anyway, I followed my mate to Matthew St. where we descended the 29 or so steps down into hellish mixture of loud music, Dettol, and the bog smells the dettol I couldn't mask, half way down I was mesmerized by a sound I had never encountered before, it blew me away, so much so that almost fifty years later I can still remember the song, "Some other guy”, I was gob smacked. Now, this from a kid idolizing Cliff Richard I was immediately converted. Later on after I joined a couple of groups I had the opportunity to meet John several times, almost the last time in Hessy's when he came in with Cynthia, he pulled down a few guitars to check out, when he hung up the last one I immediately bought it, I still have it, it emigrated to Canada with me, I'll never get rid of it. John, it may be 30 years since you left us, but your music and words will stay with us forever



By Normie Normie

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