St Nicholas (Patron Saint of Sailors) 2012
The Old among the new.
Where I was standing, It used to be st Georges Dock. before The Royal Liver Buildings was erected. and the overhead railway. The Church was nearly distroyd by fire.

Quote Wikipedia:-
The Church of Our Lady and Saint Nicholas is the Anglican parish church of Liverpool. The site is said to have been a place of worship since at least 1257. The church is situated close to the River Mersey near the Pier Head. The Chapel of St Nicholas (Patron Saint of Sailors) was built on the site of St Mary del Quay, which in 1355 was determined to be too small for the growing borough of Liverpool. It is a Grade II listed building. and an active parish church in the diocese of Liverpool, the archdeaconry of Liverpool and the deanery of Liverpool North. The church was once the tallest building in Liverpool at 53 metres from 1813-1868 when surpassed by the Welsh Presbyterian Church in Toxteth. During World War II, the bells were removed for safety, but they were never rehung. Following a German air raid on 21 December 1940, the main body of the church was destroyed by fire, leaving only the parish rooms, vestries and the 19th century tower. Rebuilding did not begin until March 1949, and the church was consecrated in 18 October 1952 (the Feast of St Luke). A new ring of 12 bells was cast by John Taylor and Co. of Loughborough.
The new church was designed by architect Edward C. Butler, who introduced major changes to its design. Rather than the traditional practice of placing the altar at the east end (for the light of the rising sun and to signify the Resurrection), Butler placed it at the western end of the church.
Pier Head church from the south-west...Unquote:.



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