Dad was a bit of a philosopher...especially after a few pints and as we made our way home he proceeded to set us up for one of his pearls of wisdom.....”see that moon up there”...he said...pointing at the huge full moon in the night sky.....”that moon will be seen by every human being on the planet”...we all stared up in then said......”if you could paint a huge message on that moon for all the world to see.....what would it be”.....I thought hard and long and decided I would write....all you need is love.....our kid decided he would put....feed the world. Dad turned to us and gave us a drunken hug and said....”lads I am proud of yer both....those unselfish hopeful messages to mankind means me and yer mum have brought you up right and I am proud of both of yer”. Me and my brother smiled with pride.....we then turned to dad and asked him what almighty pearl of wisdom he would leave in his message of hope to the waiting world. Dad thought long and hard and replied “EVERTON 3 LIVERPOOL 0” and he laughed all the way home. Dad 3 Idealism  0.



By tony flanagan tony flanagan

This story was added on 10th November 2010

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