The Little House With A Big Heart

Mum got really upset the day we moved from Great Homer Street to Longreach Road .....Dad said he had organised a fancy removal van....but what actually turned up was his mate Ernie Mac and his dirty old coal wagon...Dad looked at Mums angry face and said ...dont worry Marg....if we move those bags of coal over ...we,ll get all the furniture on.

We arrived in Dovecot looking like a family of chimney sweeps...coal dust everywhere...Ken Dodds brother pulled up and gave us a dirty neighbour even asked if we delivered on a Saturday

We never slept much that night and the next morning we awoke to find that ten inchs of snow had fallen

It looked like a scene from a fairy tale as Mum cooked us breakfast
We all had the best day of our lives throwing snow balls at each other ...we built a huge snowman in the front garden and as the day wore on the melting snow revealed the back garden...and low and the middle stood a big apple tree...
It seemed Mums dreams had all come true...and this was our house...Mums little bit of paradise....15 Longreach Road.

As the years came and went our family grew in size...Tony Mike Ron Chris Colin...and of course Maureen.
.Mum and Dad couldn't believe that after all those years they finally had a Daughter.
.and in the coming years that baby girl became my Mothers blessing....along with her granddaughters Shelly Nicky Kelly and Abbie

Mum worked in St Margret Mary's Infants School for over twenty years but the greatest lesson Mum would teach us wasnt taught at was to stand up for a stranger on an overcrowded the door for somebody...always say thank you ..please...and excuse me...and never judge a book by its cover.

As we all reached our teenage years we would bring our friends home and Mum would always have a pan of scouse on the boil..there was always room at the table for one more...Dad on the other hand would get the boxing gloves out and we would set up a ring in the back garden...we would feel sorry for our friends as Dad knocked each of them over next doors fence....when I meet old friends now they always recall those fact I think some of them still carry the bruises.

We lost Dad.....and Mum became the centre of the household.....but then again she always was....she was so proud of all her Children ..Grandchildren and Great Granchildren....and in turn they all idolised her....after all you can't go wrong when your surrounded by love.

When Mum passed...... the house was packed to the rafters by her adoring family..
And as Mike held her hand she slipped away.

I looked around the room and wondered how we all fitted into that little house..six kids..Mum and Dad...our lovely neighbours ..friends ..and family all popping in and out...and as I looked down at that tiny little lady I suddenly realised that without that tiny little lady...none of us would exist....

The postman always new our house as 15 Longreach Road

Where as everybody else new it as little Nans
The Little House With A Big Heart



By tony flanagan tony flanagan

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The Little House With A Big Heart


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