I'm a student who has been lucky enough to live in Liverpool all my life, and I am yet to find a place elsewhere that can parallel the hospitality conveyed by the lovely people of Merseyside.

I love that the city has maintained some of the older architecture that now sits amongst newer buildings - it gives younger people such as myself an insight into the nostalgia of earlier post-war Liverpool and the liver buildings certainly contribute to our skyline!

The city's heritage is legendary what with musical accolades The Beatles emerging from our streets, and reminders of how Liverpool played a part in the war - The Docks and St. Lukes church for example - important parts of Liverpool history which should not be forgotten.

Since the city was awarded 'The Capital of Culture' award in 2008 Liverpool has been rejuvenated with ever expanding projects and opportunities and I think that this has served as a wonderful chance to further widen both the city's cultural and economic growth. (As an avid fan of Liverpool One I can say I'm already contributing there!)

Liverpool is the place to be!



By Lauren smith Lauren smith

This story was added on 11th February 2013

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