Mathew Street No More

This year's Mathew Street festival is to be replaced with another, never to return again!

For 2013, The Liverpool International Music Festival will be held from 18th August and 22nd September - predominantly over the August Bank Holiday Weekend.

The Council have said “The costs of the new-look event will be 40 per cent lower than Mathew Street Music Festival, helping the city council achieve significant savings and balance its budget.”

I am personally quite pleased with this outcome, as I personally feel that as the Mathew Street festival became more high profile, the less about the music and the more about the partying it became - it was an excuse for daytime drinking! Not that I reject the idea completely, but I just think that along with the hoards of alcohol and fast food wrappers that littered the place, the regurgitated tribute acts returning year after year lead to Mathew Street being incredibly expensive and not ending up being all that culturally based anymore.

LIMF as it will come to be known will focus on new music and upcoming artists, giving the public a chance to appreciate new sounds.
A number of performances are to be held in Sefton Park and will be free to participate in and on top of this there will be additional events held at Pier Head - including some higher profile acts.

I'm really looking forward to this revival of culture and creativity and will be making sure I contribute myself either through volunteering or attending some of the events as a supporter!

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This story was added on 24th June 2013

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