Great Scousers - May Whitty
Born in Liverpool in 1865, Mary Louise Whitty made her first stage appearance at the age of sixteen on a Liverpool stage.

She later moved down to London where she married actor and manager Ben Webster in 1892.

Middle age life was good for May Whitty, as it was also when Hollywood was in it's Golden Age, and she soon found work in feature films, often playing elderly characters.

Whitty received the first of two Oscar nominations for her role in the 1937 film 'Night Must Fall', before working with Alfred Hitchcock in 'The Lady Vanishes' and 'Suspicion'.

It was her portrayal of Lady Beldon in William Wyler's 'Mrs. Miniver' which led to her second Oscar nomination.

An actor for most of her life, May Whitty died of cancer at the age of 82 in Hollywood, California.

'I have everything Betty Grable has - I've just had it longer' - May Whitty