Great Scousers - Gia Scala
Born in Liverpool in 1934 to a Sicilian father and an Irish mother, Giovanna Scoglio would go on to rub shoulders with some of the most talented people in Hollywood.

Moving to New York with her family at the age of fourteen, Gia worked a host of different jobs, whilst studying acting at night. In 1954 she joined an agency and within a year made her debut in Douglas Sirk's classic melodrama 'All That Heaven Allows' alongside Rock Hudson and Jane Wyman.

Plagued by personal problems, Gia failed in a suicide attempt in 1958.

She would go on to star in films with such actors as Lee J. Cobb ('The Garment Jungle) Doris Day ('The Tunnel of Love') and most impressively opposite Gregory Peck in 'Guns of Navarone'.

However, her film career deteriorated and she was restricted to mostly TV roles during the 1960s.

Still struggling with personal issues and alcoholism, Gia failed to take her life once more, before she eventually succeeded in 1972 - where she was found dead at her home in the Hollywood Hills aged just 38.