Dot's shop Earl Road.
Found this photo of our old street and super imposed this drawing of Dot's shop. The shop sat on the corner of Lightwood street and Earl Road Liverpool. Can any one remember any of the other shops along Earl Road? Hammies I would say in probably the most famous of them all.

I can recall there was a dairy on the other side, maybe just a street or two from our street. The streets on the other side of Earl Road were a lot shorter with perhaps maybe half the number of houses. They all led through to Smithdown road and the shops and cafes and pubs you would find there.

My mother and father along with numerous members of our family would drink in the pubs along Smithdown road. One name I can recall was the Irish house. All the pus were great meeting houses for the whole community. Saturdays and Sundays being the busiest days. I can recall my mum and dad returning home after hours. Mum would always buy a little carton of cockles. She would come home butter 2 slices of bread and really enjoy them.

My mother had the most beautiful singing voice. Not many people knew that. Her favourite songs were the songs about Liverpool, I can hear her now. Liverpool Lou Lovely Liverpool Lou, why don't you behave just like other girls do. Lovely memories of a very different time.



By Gail Remembers Gail Remembers

This story was added on 11th June 2019

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