An article by the BBC ( recently came to my attention: one suggesting that there is speculation over whether Adolf Hitler lived in Liverpool in 1912-1913 before the First World War with his half brother Alois. This suggestion arose after a memoir written by Alois' wife in the 1970's - of course this sparked headlines in the English press; but I was wondering whether anyone was aware of any truth to this story? The story itself begins in pre-war Liverpool when young Adolf, still hoping for a career as an artist came to stay at the house of his half brother and his wife in Upper Stanhope Street, in Toxteth. He stayed for about six months before returning to the men's hostel in Vienna. As the only source for this is Bridget's own memoir, it has inevitably undergone thorough analysis. There have of course been lots of versions and adaptations of this account - it influenced local writer Beryl Bainbridge to write 'Young Hitler' which lead to a series commisioned by the BBC; as well as this, crime writer David Gardener wrote about the Liverpool connections in a book titled 'The Last of The Hitlers'. I'd be extremely interested to find out whether there is any truth to this story; If anyone could shed some light on it, that would be great.



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