Performing Arts Primary School on Hope Street
I found out recently that LIPA (The Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts) are in the process of turning one of the institutes Hope Street buildings into a space that is to become a performing arts based free school for Primary School Children.

LIPA are working together with Edge Hill University to create a school that will enable children to learn basic skills such as maths and english - through the medium of the creative arts. I believe there will be around 40 students in this particular building and I think it's a fantastic idea.

I myself went to LIPA when I was younger and had a fantastic time, and although I went in the earlier stages, the institute has amazing resources for people in their further and higher education programs and I think the idea of a Primary School being incorporated into their fantastic facilities can only spell success.

I think the idea of a free school that's based around performance is so exciting and I only wish I was still young enough to give it a go myself!



By Lauren smith Lauren smith

This story was added on 10th September 2013

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