At the end of every week an old nun would enter the shop where my brother Mick works...our Mick would always make a great fuss of her...make her a cup of tea and tell her jokes.... this went on for about a year when all of a sudden the old nuns visits stopped. A couple of weeks later a young nun entered the shop and asked for our Mick...Mick asked if the old nun was alright and the young nun told our Mick that unfortunately she had passed away after a short illness. Mick offered his condolences and told the young nun to give his regards to the old nuns family...the young nun replied that the old nun had no family...she then told our Mick that before the old nun died she had decided to leave all her earthly possessions to our Mick. Mick was flabbergasted and became quite emotional at the idea of a complete stranger thinking so much of him...the young nun handed Mick a small parcel and left the shop. Mick opened the parcel as his workmates gathered around and discovered that the parcel contained a small leather purse...his workmates teased him saying it might contain diamonds and Mick opened the purse and smiled for there inside was everything that lovely old lady owned...a set of rosary beads...a small bible and a handwritten note on which she had written...thank you Michael....god bless. Our Mick still has the purse and it takes pride and place in his house and heart...and he calls it.... THE PURSE WITH EVERYTHING IN IT




By tony flanagan tony flanagan

This story was added on 10th November 2010

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