When I was a girl, growing up in Liverpool I had my Nan to thank for all the wonderful stories she told me about this magical place, Liverpool....The docks were my grandad worked and the Talley they had to do things to get on in those days, all were stories I will never forget.

But Liverpool holds my story, I am a single mum bringing up three girls, I've lived in all the toughest parts of Liverpool.

I have memories of the toffee I smelt in Bootle....the derelict buildings that blocked out the light and windows nearly falling on my head.

I have memories of Crosby Beach, the smell of salt, playing in the water and watching a turd floating towards's cleaning it's self up now to become tourist attraction....and so it should ....full of talent ...full of fun....Liverpool City football is run....laughter and jokes, my loosy smokes, one day you'll see my friend....Liverpool will defend and always be on the map.....for part of the country you depended....when Liverpool never takes a nap....

The docks should never be forgotten as one of the country's biggest ever shipping docks throughout the war and before it..... I'm an artist and my dream would be to have several sculptures facing out on the Mersey under the pier head buildings, showing the faces of Liverpool just like the 'moi' statues on the Christmas Islands...

Are they a warning or are they the truth of the people that say hello to me every day.


(from the Of Time and the City website community)

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