My Story 2011.

"70 years ago this Month "May Blitz 1941/2/3"

Kendal Castle 1947/8 the story starts here. Built early 1900s. Archive picture taken 68 years ago..with Kind permission of the Liverpool Records Office.
We lived here for 10 years..1937 to 1947...The houses either side of the pub were only being demolished, this is not bomb damage. The Kendal Castle Pub on the corner of Westminster Road and Fountains Road Kirkdale Liverpool 4... Missed a direct hit from a time bomb 4 doors away down Fountains Road in the May Blitz of 1942. I lived in this pub during the war, and I was standing looking out of the last window on the right above the bar window when the bomb hit. (This was broad daylight).The people in the houses opposite saw it coming and dived into their cellars for cover. It went through the roof of a house and landed in the front garden. The bombers were trying to drop the bombs on the docks 1/2 mile away. It never exploded. An army bomb disposal took it away the next day. Lucky!.. This happened every night for 2 years trying to block ships leaving and entering the Mersey with food and supplies. I could write a book on this. There was an RAF barrage balloon stationed in the park at the end of Sessons Road trying too guard the docks......

The bombers missed me 3 close times during the war.
I was supposed to go a birthday party in 31 Reva Road Huyton during May 3rd blitz it was my good luck I didn't go because I had a bad cold. The house was hit by a Landmine in the back garden. blew the piano over onto my Aunt Vi, she died in the arms of my uncle in the front garden. A lot of others badly injured with glass.

The next time they nearly got me. I had to go into an air raid shelter in Stanley Park, taking my Sister Margaret, Grandmother and Aunt Olive. It was just by the gate on the corner of Walton Lane Fountains Road opposite Walton Lane college. The College got a direct hit on the Clock tower, the tower landed 2 feet away from us. Also in the shelter was a young lad by the name of "Tom Baker" better known now as "Doctor Who". He lived in Fountains Road. .......

PHEW! After checking on Google, The Pub has now been demolished..By STEPHEN DEAN and his men ...something Hitler could not do.

We even had our own football team Named "Fountains Road"
I played on goal. Others where. Willy Harrison, Teddy Harrison, Harry Handley, Vinny Handley, Norman Handley, Steve Lightwood, Kevin Walsh, Jimmy Alger, Joey Alger, Albert Timmins, Jimmy Mealia,..we used play against teams from other streets in the area.. and played the games in Stanley Park. we had a good team. I wounder if any of the lads are still around.

I went over there last week April 27th 2011. Met the people living in the house's built on the site where the Kendal Castle was. Gave them this photo, and told them the story. They were flabbergasted and thrilled, and pleased too accept the pictures for prosperity.



By Ken Rose Ken Rose

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