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  • Arcitechtural Class by JP O'Neill

    As with my previous picture, this is an aged black and white image taken about 20 years ago. The deterioation of the print has added so much to an oth...
  • The Flying Dutchman by Robert Edwards

    The flickering black and white images moved slowly forward on the screen, marching in time with the sombre music. The band in military uniform was per...
  • Afternoon Ferry by JP O'Neill

    Took this as part of my coursework in the early nineties. I can't remember the topic, but I somehow managed to make it a compilation of my favourite L...
  • Graham Lee Photos

    Photographer Graham Lee shares his photos.
  • The Mersey

    Photographer Graham Lee shares his photos.
  • Singalong

    The Good old days: A Sixties Liverpool Singalong
  • Our First Holiday 1954

    My sister and her boyfriend paid us a nice visit, as my Husband, Nick and I and our six children (aged one to eight) were playing in the garden. Teres...
  • Recognise anyone?

    Are you in this picture, or do you know anyone in it?
  • Untold Stories

    These photos were recently handed over to us at Hurricane Films. They were found in the loft of a house on Linnet Lane. We are looking for information...
  • Is this you?

    Another from our collection of photos from the attic.  Are you one of the people in this photo, or do you know someone in it?  If you do ple...
  • Do you know these boys?

    We have a number of images of these boys on a trip and we are looking for any information about them.  The photos came to us without any real kno...
  • Football

    This is special image of mine, as I know both these "footballers" it was taken in 1972 in the Upper Stanhope Street area. Back then I was working as a...
  • Morning In The Streets by Denis Mitchell

    Denis Mitchell's brilliant black and white documentary about post-war housing and community in Liverpool. The footage is set in the 1950s.
  • Two Birds One City

    Picture taken 2010 Photographer- Andrew Millington
  • Granada T.V. 1976.

    A shot taken on an old black and white Television in 1976. with 625 lines.There was no sutch thing as a flat TV sceen in those days.
  • Earl Road 1960s Liverpool.

    I have fond memories of growing up in Liverpool. I was born 10 years after the end of WW2. in 1955. We lived on Lightwood street, at the top of Earl R...