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  • Vauxhall Cresta PA 1960s

    This was taken outside my Mum and Dads Pub in Shrewton Wiltshire..A Genuine Vauxhall Cresta PA 1960s. I sold it to "Rory Storm" a great Rock n Roll S...
  • Rory Storm

    Alan Caldwell was born in Liverpool in 1938 and was the lead singer of the band Rory Storm and the Hurricanes. He was born with a stutter, however thi...
  • The 60s slum clearance - my experience by Freddie Forrest

    Before I insert my story, I would like to mention that I worked with Terence (then known as "Terry") in Hunter's Foods in Broadgreen in 1969 but nev...
  • Birkenhead - The 1960s & 70s

    Birkenhead in a bygone era...
  • Whose were the days?

    My stories may not focus on the kind of life in Liverpool that many people expect to hear about. But if that statement sounds hard done by, or pre-jud...
  • Birkenhead - Ferry in the 1960s

    Views of the ferries from this era, showing the Royal Iris and sister ship Royal Daffodil. Backing music by the Scaffold - the Liver Birds
  • Wirral - Memories of the 1960s and 70s

    When you view this video you will realise how much Wirral has changed since the 1960s. You see things and places no longer with us. Great days at New ...
  • Recognise anyone?

    Are you in this picture, or do you know anyone in it?
  • 1963 - Docking in Liverpool

    Do you have any memories of the Liverpool docks?  The docks have played such a major part in the History of Liverpool.  Perhaps you used to ...
  • Memories of a City I have Never Visited City

    I have never set foot in Liverpool, still Liverpool is important to me. Liverpool is the city the Beatles left in their 1964 film A Hard Day's ...
  • Liverpool FC parading the FA Cup in 1965

    This picture shows Liverpool FC parading the FA Cup through Liverpool in 1965.   Picture taken by Joe Neary.
  • Liverpool FC 1965 FA Cup parade

    These people were lining the streets to watch Liverpool FC parading the FA Cup trophy in 1965. Are you one of the people in this picture? Or do you ...
  • Liverpool FC 1965 FA Cup parade 2

    Another great image of Liverpool supporters that gathered to see their beloved team parading the FA Cup in 1965. Are you one of the people in this pi...
  • Clint Road, Long Gone

    The area does not look like this any more, the cobbled streets, the Polytechnic where we would tramp off for school dinners in the 1960s, the corner s...
  • Wavertree Road 1

    Langton's newsagents and the Fish and Chip shop across the road from my mum and dads shop on Wavertree Road. It was back in the mid 1960s that I would...
  • The Black-E

    This is a photograph of the Black-E in 1982. The Black-E became the home and base of the UK's first community arts project in May 1968. The building...
  • Liverpool 1965

    Footage showing Liverpool in 1965.
  • gossip

    1960s I'm not sure of the occasion, but the lady in the white hat is my Nana, May Quinn
  • Quinns 1960s

    James Quinn's old pub on Williamson Square
  • Bert Weedon at Allinson's Liverpool

    I had the pleaseure of working with Bert in the 70s at Allinsons Theatre Cabaret Club, Litherland. Liverpool. Bert Weedon began learning the guitar...