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  • Birkenhead Landing Passage

    Birkenhead Landing Passage... The passage that used to unload cattle in the 1800s. situated next to the Ferry Landing Stage
  • Great Scousers - James Larkin

    James Larkin was born in Liverpool in 1876. In 1905 he became the organiser of the National Union of Dock Labourers. In 1907 he moved over to Ireland ...
  • Old Liverpool and Wirral

    From the 1800s to the Present day
  • Barnston Tower Heswall UK 2011

    By kind permission of the owner. The Barnston Village approximately dated from early 1800s in front of the house stands a large sandstone barn which ...
  • Great Scousers - Joseph Williamson

    Known as 'The King of Edge Hill', Joseph Williamson was born in 1769 and would go on to create the most amazing network of tunnels beneath the city.
  • Great Scousers - Alfred Waterhouse

    Alfred Waterhouse was born in Aigburth in 1830 and was the son of wealthy Quaker parents. After being educated in a Quaker run school in London, Wat...
  • Great Scousers - May Whitty

    Born in Liverpool in 1865, Mary Louise Whitty made her first stage appearance at the age of sixteen on a Liverpool stage. She later moved down to Lon...