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  • Liverpool holds Dreams

    When I was a girl, growing up in Liverpool I had my Nan to thank for all the wonderful stories she told me about this magical place, Liverpool....Th...
  • Liverpool FC - Anfield Rap (Full version)

    The (in?)famous song recorded by the 1988 FA Cup finalists Liverpool. The song was Craig Johnston's idea, not John Barnes' as many might think. At thi...
  • St. Augustines Football Teams 1958 by Gerry Smith

    Back row; Seniors Middle row; Intermediates Front Row: Juniors St. Augustines roman Catholic primary school was in Stone St, Off Great Howard...
  • Scouse Wonder by Rob Stephenson

    A London boy born and bred that I am, I met a lovely girl in this southern city, who came from a place called Liverpool. The year was 1967: What a w...
  • My Brother by Bill Buckley

    My brother in his school football kit in the garden of our lovely little prefab! How proud we were to be picked for the school football team... ...
  • Norma's Funeral by Phil Murray

    My extended family gathered at St Elizabeth's church in Bootle last week to bury Norma Heron, beloved mother of Mary, Frankie, Elizabeth, Billie and...
  • Spirit of Shankly

    A short version of the Documentary created by Hurricane Films that sees the Liverpool Supporters Union explaining why they formed.
  • Robert Edwards: Boats

    From the earliest day that I remember the boats were there. They were a real anomaly, as I came to appreciate much later. Boats belonged on the wa...
  • Robert Edwards: Musket's

    My attention was drawn immediately to the report bound in the innocuous pale blue cover with the neat, typewritten adhesive label. Even amongst all of...
  • Whose were the days?

    My stories may not focus on the kind of life in Liverpool that many people expect to hear about. But if that statement sounds hard done by, or pre-jud...
  • Liverpool - The Swinging 60s

    We are taken back to the 60s with the help of archive film of the time. For football fans there are highlights of the 1965 and 1966 Cup Finals at Wem...
  • Football

    This is special image of mine, as I know both these "footballers" it was taken in 1972 in the Upper Stanhope Street area. Back then I was working as a...
  • Front page of a football magazine in August 1959

    The young man on the front page is no less a figure as Liverpool FC legend Billy Liddell. Playing for the club for 23 years the winger had played over...
  • Football Team Photo

    The Orrell Rangers football team on Orrell Pleasure Ground. Wearing black armbands in memory of Billy Maloney.
  • Playing Football

    Vince Maloney playing for Earle Utd.
  • Irene Maloney with the Premier Cup

    Irene (Berry) Maloney with the Premier Cup 1956/57. Scarisbrick Utd were the first Sunday holders of this trophy.
  • School Football Team

    School football team photograph.
  • The first black player at Liverpool FC:Howard Gayle

    Incredibly, it wasn't until 1980 (October 4th) that a black player debuted for Liverpool FC. Howard Gayle, the silky winger, come on as a second half ...
  • Times of Yesteryear

    Times of Yesteryear I am in my 81st year, and I remember many events that happened in my life time. When I was a boy living in the south-end, ...
  • Dave Hickson

    Vince Maloney with Everton legend Dave Hickson.